Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smash Your Fears

I recently got an email that said,

“Eight years ago, my wife Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare cancer that kills most people within 2 years of diagnosis. She had just given birth to our daughter Lily, and was only given 15 months to live. After a life saving surgery that included the removal of her left lung, LungLeavin’ Day was born. This will be the 8th year that we celebrate!

The purpose of LungLeavin’ Day is to encourage others to face their fears! Each year, we gather around a fire in our backyard with our friends and family, write our biggest fears on a plate and smash them into the fire. We celebrate for those who are no longer with us, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, we celebrate life!”

So I went to the site – Lung Leavin’ Day which is celebrated on February 2. Scroll down the page to read the story. Once you get to the bottom, there are plates. There you have the opportunity to write your fear on a plate and then smash it virtually. It was really a great way to symbolically get rid of your fear.

This would be a good way for students to do some more research about mesothelioma or even lung health. It would also be great for many students who have many fears that they don’t feel comfortable telling an adult. It might not solve the actual problem but it might open the door to starting a conversation with someone who might be able to help.

If you haven’t checked this site out, I would highly recommend that you go there and give it a try!

Edited 11/17/18 -

"Advocacy organizations are more overwhelming in numbers moving into 2019. Information on mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis is also available through reputable sites like https://mesothelioma.net"

Image: 'Handmade Embroidered Anatomical Lungs Pillow'
Found on flickrcc.net

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