Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese-New-Year-2014-Horse-7 On January 31, 2014, my family celebrates Chinese New Years. It is the Year of the Horse.

New Years dinner was very important to my family and we would always have chicken and other traditional Chinese dishes. I don’t make these dishes now that I’m an adult but I have such wonderful memories of them.

We would also shoot off fireworks at midnight to scare away the evil spirits. Of course where I live, we can’t shoot off fireworks so I bang pot lids with a spoon. I figure noise is noise, right?

Red envelopes were envelopes with money in it (usually a dollar bill) and given to children by married couples or elderly people. This money was considered good luck.

All cleaning had to be done before the New Year. No cleaning could be done on that day because you might get rid of the good luck.

We also liked to wear red which was a color symbolizing good luck too.

So, if you have any Chinese friends, wish them a happy new year on this day and make them smile!

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