Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Angles of Art

“The NVIV (Next Vista Inspiring Video) series of posts are written by Rushton Hurley and designed to provide students and teachers with fascinating discussion prompts.”

In The Angles of Art, Rushton features Michael Murphy who creates Perceptual Art.

Rushton gives the following prompts to accompany this video:

“Would you take the time to create something like this? Why or why not?

If you were making a piece of art in this style about a group or place that is important to you, what might you include in it to give an extra layer of meaning about how you see its importance?”

I found this very fascinating. Every other year, Boynton Beach, FL has a kinetic art exhibit and there were some pieces similar to these but on a much smaller level. They were fascinating to see in person! The results were amazing and it is hard to imagine all the hours that go into planning something like this. I think it would be fun to do a fruit display like this and include some fruit aromas.

Please check out the video and think of other prompts you might come up with. Please share.

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