Monday, May 22, 2023

Ben Silbermann

Born on July 14, 1982, Ben Silbermann is the co-founder of Pinterest. Pinterest helps people organize images, links, and websites into categories. People can keep their collections online.

Ben grew up in Iowa and worked for Google at one time. Even as a child, he collected things such as insects to stamps. His parents, Jane Wang and Neil Silbermann, were doctors and he went to college majoring in pre-med. But in his junior year, he changed his mind. He worked in Washington DC as a consultant and began reading technology blogs. When Silbermann worked at Google, he designed display ads. From his job at Google, he learned to think big and learned from those who created unique products.

When he left Google, he reconnected with a college friend and tried some new ideas. They created Pinterest and it was slow to succeed. It wasn’t an overnight success but eventually, it started to catch on. He sent it to 200 of his friends. Eventually, people started using it. Silbermann contacted the first 5000 users and even gave them his cell phone number.

In 2019, Pinterest held its IPO, worth 12 billion dollars. In 2022, Silbermann stepped down as CEO and became the Executive Chairman.



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