Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Seeing a Scientist

“The NVIV (Next Vista Inspiring Video) series of posts are written by Rushton Hurley and designed to provide students and teachers with fascinating discussion prompts.”

In Seeing a Scientist, Rushton features Gitanjali Rao, the 12-year-old who invented “Tethys,” a portable device that detects lead in water.

He gives the following prompts to accompany this video:

“Do you think a 12-year-old can really be a scientist? Why or why not?

Does your definition make it easier to imagine being something that usually only an adult can be? What would be another career that it would be cool to do at your age? What makes it possible for you?”

This video shows that age does not matter when trying to find a solution to something. It seems that no one told this girl that she was too young to try. As teachers, we should encourage students to look at real-world problems and see what they might be able to do to help be the solution. It should not matter how old they are. Too many times society dismisses people because they are too young or too old. This proves that age shouldn’t matter.

Please check out the video and think of other prompts you might come up with. Please share.

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