Thursday, June 9, 2022

Advice to New Teachers

Recently I was asked if I had any advice pertaining to new/upcoming teachers. I wanted to share my response with all of you in case you had the same question.

I am so excited that you are studying education! I love teaching and believe it is a calling. I wrote a book in 2019 called The Successful Teacher’s Handbook that you might find helpful.

The main thing I would recommend is that as new teachers, we tend to go overboard and forget to take care of ourselves. It is good to have a good work ethic but remember to stop and eat lunch instead of working through it, get exercise and drink lots of water (for energy because you will need it!), and find a hobby or outlet outside of teaching so you don’t get burned out. Stay away from negativity (those that complain about their students or their classes) because this will just bring you down. Listen to advice from seasoned teachers and take what you think will help you improve your teaching. Go observe teachers who you admire and who students really like so you can find out what makes them good teachers. Find your own teaching style and don’t worry about copying someone else’s.

What advice would you give? Please share.

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