Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Designing Domes as Homes

“The NVIV (Next Vista Inspiring Video) series of posts are written by Rushton Hurley and designed to provide students and teachers with fascinating discussion prompts.”

In Designing Domes as Homes, Rushton features Dastan Khalili who has a unique idea to build long-lasting sustainable housing.

He gives the following prompts to accompany this video:

“Where you live, are there challenges that people have with getting a home or keeping a home safe from natural disasters?

Pick one of the reasons Khalili gives as to why he thinks these homes are a good idea. Based on what you see in this BBC story, what would be your questions for him? What kind of research might you do to determine the answer?

Would you want to live in a home like this? What would make you say yes or no?”

I thought this was an interesting concept and could see how it would be great to teach others how to build these homes. I wonder how much the materials would cost though because you would need a lot of sandbags, sand, leather gloves, barbed wire, tools, and water. I think water would be a hard resource to get in barren dry areas. It also seems very labor-intensive and he doesn’t mention how long it takes to build a home of a specific size. I think he should make a movie about the entire process from the start to the finish. If I was homeless, I might not mind living in a home such as this but I worry about animals and insects getting in if it was built where I live. I don’t think I would like this for myself and my family.

Please check out the video and think of other prompts you might come up with. Please share.

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