Monday, April 27, 2020

Reentry is Scary

On the news, I hear about countries talking about reentry back in the economy. I know our President is talking about it too. I recently heard that Austria and Denmark are planning to start soo. They plan on starting with schools, then smaller stores, bigger stores, and then restaurants and bars. Many of the parents are upset because they feel like their children are being guinea pigs.

I know the country can’t stay on lockdown forever. Our economy can’t survive that way. Eventually, it has to open up again.

But reentry is as scary to me as a lockdown. No one knows what to expect. No one knows what will happen. No one can look into their crystal ball and tell what will happen.

I believe that when the economy opens back up again, life as we know it will be different.

I don’t think I’ll be shaking people’s hands or hugging others. My husband and I decided when we see people, we plan to put our hands over our hearts to show how glad we are to see them.

When I’m shopping, I will continue to keep my distance from others. It seems like a good habit to practice.

I will continue to wash my hands often. I did that before the virus but now I’m more conscious about doing it.

I will appreciate others more because I am more aware that life is not something, we should take for granted.

I will stay on top of new technology and strategies because if something like this happens again, I will be prepared.

But as much as we talk about social distancing, taking care of our families, and remote learning, we also need to prepare our students for reentry. We need to remind them that it won’t happen overnight. It also may be different because some businesses might not be reopened again. Some families may have financial difficulties and we need to be extra sensitive and caring to others.

How will you talk to your students about reentry? Please share.

Photo by Lisa Walton on Unsplash

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