Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Coping with Distress Techniques

During these troubled times, it is easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed. It is the fear of the unknown that is scary. We don’t know what will happen in the future. We are establishing a new norm and every day can be something new and different. We worry about “what if” and we don’t have a lot of control about the future of the world or the economy. Our students are feeling the same way! So, I wanted to give some coping techniques that might help in dealing with these feelings of distress.

Mindful Meditation – Recently a couple of our faculty organized some mindfulness sessions where we learned some deep breathing techniques and calming exercises. I found some websites that you might find helpful.

Hand Over Heart – place your hand over your heart and breathe

Exercise – walking, running, aerobics or anything that gets your body moving. There are plenty of exercising videos on YouTube. My favorite video selections are featured in  Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone.

Read – I like to find a fiction book in a genre that I enjoy and just escape from the real world.

What other relaxation/stress relief do you do? Please share.

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