Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Show You Care

In What You Do Matters from @DavidGeurin Blog, the author asks,

“Who is someone who inspires you? How are you giving generously to others?”

Recently my friend Mel came to visit from Kodiak, Alaska. On her visit, we drove up to Charlotte to return her rental truck at the airport since she would be leaving from Greenville when she went home. Before we returned to Greenville, we stopped at a yarn store called Charlotte Yarns.

While we were there, we met another young girl in line to pay for her purchases. She actually found Mel’s phone that she left on a shelf. We also found out that she got engaged in March and she showed us her engagement ring. She was very nice and we had a lovely conversation.

As Mel was paying, she asked the lady if they sold gift cards and they did so Mel bought one. I figured that she was going to give it to a friend of hers who had moved to Charlotte. But as we were leaving, she turned to the young girl and gave her the gift card.

What a thoughtful thing to do! I wish I was more spontaneous and giving like that.

I overthink too much! I tend to wonder how the person will perceive the gift or how others will perceive my gift-giving. I wonder if I will offend the other person or others will see me as a show-off. I guess I think too much. I want to be more giving like Mel was.

I try to give others support and encouragement when I can. I try to give others my time when it is needed. I’m just not sure if I’m giving enough.

Her actions really inspired me. It warms my heart to know that there are people like Mel in the world. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by so many friends and family who seem to constantly give me support and encouragement. I hope that I am able to pass it forward as generously.

Who inspires you? Are you giving to others? Please share.

Photo by Sean Kowal on Unsplash

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