Monday, August 26, 2019

Another Fisher House Story

Recently my friend saw a post I had written about my dad on the Fisher House Blog. I can’t say enough great things about the Fisher House but I was given permission to share my friend’s story with you. It just warms my heart that there is something like this for those who need it!

“Not sure if you knew that I stayed in a Fisher House both at Walter Reed in DC and Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio for 6 months!! when our son lost his legs. We are so grateful to Fisher House Foundation for that time spent close to him while he was recovering. I was under Army orders to remain as his advocate until he was deemed independent. Can you imagine the bills if I had stayed at a hotel? Or even rented something? After several surgeries, he got to spend 4 months actually rooming with me while he went thru his rehabilitation. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. My family makes donations to Fisher House every Christmas since 2010. And we have donated frequent flyer miles to the hero miles program as they flew my husband back and forth and both our daughters for visits. Flew me home for a change of wardrobe when fall finally arrived. Our house was one of 4 on the BAMC property and each one housed 21 families!! It was a wonderfully supportive atmosphere staying with people in the same situation. I got to meet so many outstanding wounded warriors and couldn't believe their uplifting attitudes thru their suffering and rehab. What a wonderful vision Zachary Fisher had!!”

Screenshot from the Fisher House Blog; original photo by Pat Hensley

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