Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Historical Heroes

In Back to Work from Sioux's Page, Sioux Roslawsk asks,

“Who are some of your historical figures?”

I like to use a prompt like this for my students. I ask them to think about a historical figure who is no longer alive that they would like to meet. They have to give me a reason why they would like to meet this person. I wanted to share with you some of the people I would like to meet and why.

Walt Disney – I love all the things his mind was able to create. He never seemed to give up no matter what obstacles he faced and it seems like he made the impossible become possible.

Eleanor Roosevelt – She was a very strong and determined woman. She didn’t seem like being the president’s wife went to her head.

Mark Twain – He was a great storyteller and I would love to sit and hear him tell me stories.

John Denver – I had a huge crush on this singer when I was growing up. I loved all of his songs and thought he seemed like a wonderful person to meet in real life.

Louis Armstrong – He seemed so full of life and laughter. I think his personality would be great to be around and make you feel upbeat and positive.

Princess Diana – I think she was a gentle soul and even though she had troubles, she showed dignity and gentleness to the people around her.

What historical figure no longer living would you like to meet in real life? Please share.

Photo by Travis Gergen on Unsplash

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