Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What Would You Say?

In A note from 2030 from  Seth Godin's Blog , Seth Godin shares,

“Twelve years from now, your future self is going to thank you for something you did today, for an asset you began to build, a habit you formed, a seed you planted.

Even if you’re not sure of where it will lead, today’s the day to begin.”

I’d like to imagine where I will be in twelve years and what I would say to myself today. This would be a good exercise to do with students. Make it five years, or ten years if you don’t like twelve. Maybe even make it twenty years.

Twelve years from now I would like to say to my “today” self:

·      I’m glad you lost all that weight. I feel so much better today than I did then.
·      I’m glad that you do things to stay healthy or I wouldn’t be here today.
·      I’m glad you learned to sew so you could make clothes that I like and that fit me better.
·      I’m glad that you continued to blog so that I’m still connected with other educators.
·      I’m glad that you wrote that book and got it published. It was really needed. I have written a few more books too.
·      I’m glad that you are still knitting because it is so relaxing and fun. I still enjoy making garments for myself.
·      I’m glad that you learned to weave because that is another lost art. I have learned to make beautiful things.
·      I’m glad you continually let your family know how much they mean to you. I continue to do that today because it is so important.
·      I’m glad that you keep in touch with friends over the years because you can never have too many close friends.
·      I’m glad that you have traveled so many places because it has really made life so enjoyable. I still like traveling around the USA.

What would you say to yourself? Please share.

Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

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