Thursday, January 24, 2019


In What Goes On in a Writer's Head? From Sioux's Page, Sioux Roslawski asks,

“How about you? How do you handle having to wait?”

I hate waiting.

Things I’ve had to wait for or I’m currently waiting for:
·      Christmas (I love Christmas! Yes, I know it just passed but I can’t wait until it is that time again!)
·      My birthday (I just love knowing I’m alive another year!)
·      People that I’m meeting who are late (I have this fear that I’m at the wrong place or the wrong time.)
·      Upcoming trips
·      Meeting friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
·      Waiting until I can eat the other half of my meal (I take a 5 min. break in between so that my brain can have time to let my stomach know that I’m full or maybe it is the other way around.)
·      The next clue in my mystery knit-a-long
·      Spring (my favorite season)
·      My next camping trip (because it is too cold right now)
·      The ending of a good book (I’m so tempted to skip ahead to the ending just to find out how it turns out).

If it is a short-term wait, I usually knit to help the time pass quicker. I can get involved in knitting and it takes my mind off the immediate wait. I may do some baking like banana bread for the police and fire departments. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. One good way to take my mind off of something is to listen to audio podcasts, and audiobook or to take a nap.

If it is long term waiting during the winter:
·      I try to do things that keep me busy like decluttering a specific place in my house.
·      I do some more knitting.
·      I spin my own yarn.
·      I do digital scrapbooking.
·      I read a lot of books.

In the spring and summer:
·      I like to do gardening.
·      I like to go hiking.
·      I walk around the neighborhood.
·      I like to read a good book outdoors.

Students also have trouble waiting for things. This would be a good thing to do with students and have them figure out ways that will help them during the waiting time.

How do you get through the “wait”? Please share.

Photo by Ethan Kent on Unsplash

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