Monday, January 28, 2019

Off the Beaten Path

Last week I attended the Upstate Master Naturalist Meeting and our guest speaker was Brenda Wiley. Her topic was about “Off the Beaten Path.” Here website gives “a list of day hikes and associated trip reports, trail descriptions, and pictures.”

She talked about what to bring when you go off the beaten path. You need to bring a topo map, a compass, and a 30 - 50 ft. rope. People go off the beaten path for different reasons such as looking for waterfalls, or rocks, or swimming holes, or for the sake of discovery. Brenda also shared beautiful pictures of what she saw on these hikes. Seeing these made me wish it was spring and summer so we could go hiking more! She recommended Astral water shoes for hiking and going through water. 

Someone suggested the app for your phone – Map My Hike. She said that it didn’t use too much  battery life on your phone. I plan to give it a try.

Carol gave the address for the Oyster Shell Recycling Location: 660 Mauldin Rd. and encouraged others to share this with their communities.

For  more information, she gave these websites:

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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