Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Testing Your Limits

“What are some ways you want to test your limits? What are some ways you need to test your limits?”

When I was a child, I was scared of everything! I liked to sit at home and read books because I felt safe.

When my father drove over bridges going into New York City, I remember sitting on the floor of the back seat, praying that the bridge didn’t collapse.

When I was falling asleep, I worried that someone would break in the house and stab me to death while I slept.

When my parents argued, I worried that they would divorce like some of my friend’s parents.

When my friends wanted to do something that I didn’t want to do, I did it anyway because I was afraid that I would lose their friendship.

As I got older, my husband wanted to travel, and he doesn’t’ like to make reservations.

I worried about getting to a place and not finding any place to stay. I worried about our vehicle having mechanical issues. I worried about my elderly parents getting sick while we were out of town. I worried that our house would have problems while we were gone. I worried that someone would break into our house while we were gone. And on and on and on went my worries!

Then I found out that it helps to share my worries with someone. When I started to share my worries with my husband, he helped me see the “worst thing that could happen” and help me thing of ways we would deal with it. The more we did that, the easier it was to go on a trip.

I started to share with him other worries about things I wanted to do and was afraid to try. Again, he helped me see the worst-case scenario and I realized that the only obstacle in my way was myself.

So, I started to try new things and ended up gaining confidence. Every year I look for something new that I want to learn. Not all of the things I’ve tried were things I wanted to continue but some of them have become new hobbies. I have really enjoyed testing my limits and seeing what I’m capable of doing.

It is this whole process that had me realize that I need to help my students do the same thing. I need to help them voice their fears and look at the worst-case scenario. I need to help them see that usually they are their worst enemy.

How do you help your students test their limits appropriately? Please share.

Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

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