Monday, December 24, 2018

S is for Successful

During this holiday season, I thought it would be fun to use the word Christmas and apply it to education.

Today’s letter is S and S stands for Successful

As a teacher, we want our students to be successful in our classrooms and in their futures. So do their parents. We need to work together to help this student be successful. We are a team. We can’t do it alone.

In order to work successfully as a team, we have to learn to communicate with each other.

I need to be able to share with the parents what the student is doing in my classroom. I need to let them know what he is able to do and what he is struggling to do. I need to share my observations with the parents but I need to let them know that I care about this student and want to do what is necessary to help him. I also need to share the student’s victories with the parents so they can see progress in his learning.

The parents need to share with the teacher some strategies that work in the home. The parents were this student’s first teachers. They may know specific things that work well with their child and what doesn’t work well. There is no reason for the teacher to reinvent the wheel if the parents have such valuable input. Parents also need to share how the student is doing with his homework when he is home. Does he understand what he needs to do? Is he doing it carefully? What study habits does he have at home?

The student needs to be honest with the parents and the teacher about what he needs. If he is struggling, he needs to let them know.  He might need for them to help him think of ways to overcome the obstacles in his way. If he thinks he knows of some way that might help him do better, he needs to give his input to his parents and teacher. They, in turn, need to really listen to his input. He needs to know it is okay to be a self-advocate. He might have some suggestions that his parents and teachers haven’t even thought about.

How do you help your students be more successful in the classroom? Please share.

Photo by Evelyn on Unsplash

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