Wednesday, December 19, 2018

M is for Magic

During this holiday season, I thought it would be fun to use the word Christmas and apply it to education.

Today’s letter is M and M stands for Magic.

Teaching is magic.

It is magical when:

·      I see the face of a student who realizes they are capable of doing something new.
·      I see the student’s face when he realizes he passed a test.
·      I see students who understand that sometimes they have to fight hard to get past obstacles but it is worth the fight.
·      I see students who aren’t willing to give up.
·      I see the students engaged in an exciting lesson.
·      I see students helping each other when they are having difficulties.
·      I see students collaborating on a lesson together.
·      I see students creating something new with their new knowledge.
·      I  see students eager to learn more.
·      I see students asking questions.
·      I see students sharing their knowledge with their parents.
·      I see students feeling proud of their accomplishments.
·      I see students who are happy to be in my classroom.

What visions of magic do you see in your classroom? Please share.

Photo by Evelyn on Unsplash

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