Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Learning Place 2017

Next week I will begin my 10th year as the “principal” of Summer Learning Place. It is actually a practicum course for teachers getting their Master’s Degree in Special Education. So, I will have 7 students (who are the teachers) and I will have 28 children who have difficulty in learning. Some are classified as needing special education services, some are in the process of being tested to determine if they need these services, and some are just struggling learners who haven’t been tested yet.

We will meet for 16 days throughout July. Children will come every Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30. They will learn reading, math, writing, and social skills. Every week, parents will be given a report about their child’s progress.

Every year, it is different just as it is in regular school. The teachers are different with different personalities and the children are different too. Teaching strategies vary and children’s learning styles are also varied. The mixture of children in a class make the atmosphere different in every room.

Yet many things are the same. Teachers have a hard time thinking they will make a difference in 16 days. Then on the last day we talk about how different their views are concerning the difference they have made.

Every year, this experience warms my heart and I hope it does the same for the teachers. I hope this is a successful experience for them.

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