Thursday, June 8, 2017

Appreciating Others

In Maintaining Innovation from Ideas and Thoughts, Dean Shareski states,

“Those privileged few who carry the label of innovator or entrepreneur, are beholden to men and women who do the daily work of maintenance.”

This reminded me of a valuable lesson from my early years of teaching. I was told that it was very important from the first day of my career to make sure that I appreciate the non-teachers. They were the backbones of any school. Without them, I would not be able to do my job.

The school secretary was the gatekeeper to the principal. The secretary kept the school moving forward smoothly by keeping the appointment book, welcomed visitors, kept teachers from unwanted visitors, available during my teacher panic modes, a resource for times I needed supplies or answers and basically my go-to person.

The janitors kept my room clean, my heat or air conditioning in shape, kept my classroom bug and rodent free, cleaned bathrooms and vomit, and found time to encourage my students to do their best.

The media specialist was my resource to help me make my lessons pop! I could always count on the media specialist to give me suggestions or advice on specific topics. If needed, the media specialist was always willing to take the time to do some research for me and help me when needed.

The IT person was always there when my computer or printer or phone wouldn’t work the way it should.

I tried to make sure these people knew how much I appreciated them at the beginning and the end of the year. Throughout the year, little notes or gifts were sent their way. It never hurts to listen to them when they needed someone too.

I really think by doing this, helped make my life so much easier in the classroom. Maybe that is why I didn’t burn out like so many of my other colleagues did. Maybe others don’t realize how important these people are and how much easier they can make the life of a teacher!

Who are important people in your workplace? Please share.

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