Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Serial Killer in Our Midst

Recently a serial killer was arrested near our town and he is suspected of killing at least 7 people and had a woman chained by the neck in a storage building for two months.

Some people said they had either crossed paths with Kohlhepp in person or on social media, or know someone for whom he sold a home.”

My husband and I recognized this man also and believe we may have crossed paths with him. This made me think about how we prepare students about personal safety. I think we should talk about this in the class just like we would about other crimes that could affect us.

Here are some things we should share with our students:

1.     Listen to your gut feeling. If you feel nervous or uncomfortable around someone, get away from them. Do not be embarrassed or fearful of hurting their feelings.

2.     Be careful about being alone with anyone.

3.     If you are going somewhere with someone, always tell someone else where you are going and when you expect to be back. Leave a note in your home with this information also.

4.     Just because someone is your boss, don’t do anything they say to do if you feel it isn’t right or is unlawful. If you get fired for this, then this job wasn’t the right fit for you.

5.     If someone you know is unable to control their temper and you see this is how they act with others, be aware that you can be the next person to experience this. It is not your job to get them under control.

6.     If you feel that someone is violent and out of control, stay away from this person.

I believe my husband and I have come across people like this but we have listened to our instincts which has kept us safe.

What other suggestions would you have for students involving their safety? Please share. 

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