Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Blessings Reflection

 “What are you most grateful for? Rested minds want to know...”

Last week was Thanksgiving and I saw lots of posts where people wished everyone a happy holiday. Many people even posted about all the things they were thankful for. I think this is a good practice to do and should be done more often than once a year.

I have a spreadsheet and make sure that I can list at least one thing about my husband that I’m grateful for. When I get annoyed with him, I can look at this and remind myself all the good things that he does.

Then I started thinking about all the other things that I’m thankful for and how lucky I am. When my husband and I had lunch the other day, I couldn’t resist telling how happy I was and how lucky I felt. There was so much for us to be thankful for and I wanted to make sure that remembered this. Then when I am feeling bad, sad, or discouraged, I wanted to remember feeling this way.

Here are some things that I’m grateful for:

·      My husband
·      My family
·      Friends (online and in real life)
·      My good health
·      Hiking
·      Knitting
·      Spinning
·      Crocheting
·      Traveling
·      Reading
·      Library
·      Living in the south
·      Nice weather
·      Food
·      Money to live comfortable
·      My home
·      Heat
·      Air conditioning
·      Treadmill
·      Hot tub
·      Microwave
·      3 bathrooms
·      cable TV
·      internet
·      Netflix
·      Cell phones
·      Fitbit zip

These are just some of the things I thought of today. I hope to do this at least once a month so I can make sure that I appreciate how lucky I am.

What are you grateful for? Please share.

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