Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Choosing Appropriate Venues

In this article, the Hamilton’ Cast’s Appeal to Pence Ignites Showdown With Trump, the cast takes a political stand at the end of the performance.

I don’t’ want this post to be a political debate and I’m not choosing sides of either party. But I feel that this I need to address my views about the situation.

I do not feel that this was an appropriate venue for the cast to share their political views unless they warned the audience beforehand. I would feel the same way at a charity event that included a play or musical.

When people pay money to be entertained, they should not have to deal with issues that they do not have to deal with.

When my husband was a judge, we hated going to gatherings where people wanted to ask them about their personal situations and get free legal advice. It would be the same as going to a party and meeting doctors where we want a free medical consultation. These are inappropriate places for these kinds of encounters.

I would call this a kind of ambush. People have a right to relax and be entertained, especially if that is what they are expecting. To make this into something other than what is expected and blindsiding the guest, is totally wrong. I don’t care if you have a political, legal, medical, or ethical or any other kind of reason for doing this.

When students see these kinds of situations, they think this is appropriate behavior and it is not. Just like we teach students that there are certain ways to dress depending on the situation, there are certain behaviors for different situations also. There are also certain foods we might serve for different occasions and we would not serve hotdogs and finger foods during a formal occasion just like we wouldn’t serve caviar and escargot at a football tailgating party.

When I see things like what happened in the news, I wonder if we aren’t teaching students the appropriate ways to behave in different situations. This would be a good time to open up the conversation about it.

What do you think? Please share.

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