Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Accepting Loss with Dignity

In the article A 12 Step Plan on what to do if your candidate loses on Election Day by Laura Petrecca, she lays out a great plan. Check out the steps she gives because they are so on target.

Before the election and after the election, I have heard so many people acting hateful to people that used to be there friends. I watch people’s behavior and it disturbs me so much because students are watching this and learning this awful behavior.

I find it so disturbing when people state, “If you voted for _____, we can no longer be friends.” To me, that is bullying. They are holding their friendship hostage and that is not what friends do.

People need to learn how to agree to disagree but still can be civil and friendly to each other.

Just because someone votes for someone else, doesn’t make them a bad person.

We can’t all agree on everything the same or the world would be a boring place.

When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me not to talk about religion and politics with others because it might make them uncomfortable and it was an invasion of privacy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and can vote accordingly. Maybe that is why I’m shocked at the behavior of people today.

Maybe we aren’t training our young people enough about how to accept loss.

When playing sports, opposing teams shake hands or bump fists or high five after a game. Schools now are enforcing “sportsmanlike behavior” with the fans and the teams. Maybe this needs to roll over to other activities too like elections.

How do you teach students how to accept losses like this with dignity? Please share.

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