Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Private Pictures

In Teacher resigns after student exposes private pictures, a teacher left her cell phone on the desk while she was out in the hall between classes. Apparently, a student who got her phone and sent the nude pictures of the teacher that were on it to other students. The picture was supposedly for the teacher’s husband on Valentine’s Day.

There were many things that the teacher could have done to prevent this whole situation:
·      The teacher should have kept her phone on her at all times.
·      The teacher should have had her phone locked if she wasn’t using it.
·      The teacher should not have had inappropriate pictures on her phone.
·      The teacher should not have left her phone on the desk.

There were many things that the student could have done to prevent this whole situation:
·      The student should have respected other people’s property and not touched the phone.
·      The student should not have texted any pictures from another person’s phone to others.
·      The student should have stayed away from the teacher’s desk.

This was a really unfortunate situation where it could ruin people’s lives. The teacher resigned and may have ruined her whole career, not to mention the humiliation of having your naked body seen by the community. (Hopefully she looks better than I do because mine would just be a major comedy!)

Now the school and law enforcement is looking into punishments against the student. Conviction could ruin this student’s future.

The teacher is getting hate mail and threats. Why in the world does this warrant any kind of threatening action by anybody? Law enforcement is looking into these and made charge the instigators.

It seems like a moment of carelessness has great impact on some people’s future.

Boy, these times are sure a-changing!

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