Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Good Writer

“What do you think it takes to be a writer?”

I think it is not only important to find out what it takes to be a writer but it is also important to find out what it takes to be a good writer.

When I read something, I want it to capture my attention and be interesting.

I want the title to grab me. Either it intrigues me and peaks my interest or it is clear about what the topic is.

When I read blog posts, I want them to be interesting but not too long. I don’t want a lot of technical information in the posts but I don’t mind if there is a link to more information in case I want to know more.

I don’t want the font to be too small where I have to work at reading it.

It has to make sense. (I can’t tell you how many times I start reading something and it really doesn’t make sense to me. That is when they lose me. Don’t try to tie it all in at the end because you have lost me before I ever get there.)

Be grammatically correct with only a few errors. The OCD in me wants to start correcting it if there are too many errors and then I’ve lost the meaning of what the author is trying to share.

So, after saying all of this, what does it take to be a writer?

I think it takes time, reading, practice, and patience.  I feel my writing skills have developed over time and that it takes the willingness to just sit down and start writing. The more I write the better I become.  I also think it is important to read other people’s writing so that I can find what skills I want to hone in on. I also learn what I like and dislike by reading other people’s writing so that I don’t make the same mistakes.

This would be a great discussion in the classroom. It would fun to break students up into group and have them make a graphic on what it takes to be a writer. Then they can share it with the class. I think a follow up on this discussion would be to ask what it takes to be a good writer. Have them share examples from other writing to emphasize their points.

What do you think it takes to be a writer? What about being a good writer? Please share.

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