Monday, March 7, 2016

Back of the Book Blurb #4 Challenge

In Back-of-the-Book Blurb Friday # 4 from Sioux's Page, Sioux offers this challenge.

She posts a picture and you need to imagine it as a graphic for a book. You choose the genre and book title, and then write a blurb that might appear on the back of the book.

·                The blurb should be 150 words or less (not including the title).
·                The genre is wide-open.
·                Each blogger should include their blurb on their own blog, and link back to this post.
·                Have fun with it. Go to the other posts and comment on the other blurbs. 
·                You can do fancy techy things with the photo.

(Join in if you dare...! It sounds like fun! I think this would be a lot of fun to do with students especially since they would be expected to write 150 words or less!)

The Railroad Tracks

I am so tired of living in a rut, doing the same thing every day all day long. Nothing seems to ever change. I want to get away from my little town, where everyone knows your name and everyone knows your business. I hear the same old gossip about the same old people.  I feel like I’m just replaying every day and I’m bored to tears! There has to be more to life than what I’m living here. What it is it like in other places? I’ve never left my little town but I’m going to do it now. Why should I stay here now when I have no one left to hold me here? I’m going to jump on the next train and I’m going to have adventures! Lots of adventures! Come join me as I see what the world has to offer! (144 words)

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Pat--How fun it would be to join someone who's never traveled. Every new sight and experience would delight them and the joy would be contagious.

Thanks for playing along, Pat.