Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Remember When

In The Good Old Days from  Ideas and Thoughts, Dean Shareski shares,

“As far as twitter, I see my own interactions decline. In 2012, I tweeted almost 13,000 times. Last year it was about half. I get it, that’s still an insane amount but nonetheless, it’s a significant drop. It’s just not as playful. I’ve shifted much of my conversation to places like Voxer with smaller numbers and that’s likely a reasonable and healthy transition.”

These comments made me think about my own interactions with others online.

I still read a lot of blogs and it is sad when I see a blogger stop blogging because I feel like I will lost touch with that person. I might not always comment but I do read so maybe I need to push myself to comment more.

I tweet and plurk together off of Plurk but I don’t spend as much time with either of them as I used to do.

Now I use Facebook and Instagram a lot more. I guess it is true that a picture says a thousand words.

I also use Flickr more than I used to because I have really gotten into the visuals more.

I guess this is why I watch more video podcasts than I do audio ones. I listen to the audio podcasts when I’m exercising, gardening, or cleaning when watching something is not an option. But I love to watch the videos when I’m knitting, crocheting, or spinning.

I like to think that many of my contacts have also evolved along with me. Those bloggers I used to communicate only through their blogs or twitter or plurk are now on Facebook so I can stay connected. What a relief! I may not know many of them in real life but I feel a connection to them through social media. These are other educators that share great information or knitters that offer support and encouragement.

How have your online interactions evolved over the years? Please share.

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