Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Universal Design for Learning Webinar

Last week I attended an online webinar on:

Designing Options for Every Learner: Universal Design for Learning

Presented by Christopher Bugaj, Assistive Technology Trainer, Loudoun County Public Schools; with Mark Nichols, Special Education Supervisor, Loudoun County Public Schools

Here are my notes (I got so involved in watching the webinar that I stopped taking notes):

1. The Myth of Average – TED talk; All cars have adjustable seats. Our classrooms are the cockpits of our education system. We need to design our classrooms to fit our students.
2. Universal Design Principles:
·      Equitable use
·      Flexibility in use
·      Simple and intuitive
·      Perceptible information
·      Tolerance for error
·      Low physical effort
·      Size and space for approach and use
3. Mounting an interactive whiteboard with obstacles in front of it is not UDL
4. UDL – is put in the planning process; meets the needs of every student; a framework for removing barriers by anticipating the needs of all students.

My takeaway: I think this is really necessary to reach all students and give all students an opportunity to succeed. I think it takes a lot of planning and organization on the teacher’s part before the lesson is presented to the student. I think all lessons should be designed for all students to take an active role.

How do you feel about Universal Design for Learning? Please share. 

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