Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Providing Group Instruction for Students with ASD: Have a Plan! Webinar

Last week I attended an online webinar on:

Providing Group Instruction for Students with ASD: Have a Plan!

Presented by Kara Magee-Arick, MS, BCBA
 Educational Consultant

Here are my notes:

Importance of small group instruction to develop skills students need to be successful group learners.

Teachers need support too.

Skills needed: attending, modeling, turn taking, sharing, waiting,

Recipe for success: teach (foundational skills), support (small groups with supports), Opportunities to participate in group settings

National Standards Project – Phase 2: Teaching 14 strategies to teach foundational skills

5 tips:
·      Preplan
·      Active participation
·      Focus teaching skills for group learning
·      Differentiate task requirements
·      Visual and environmental supports

Environmental supports for teachers: Lesson plan includes time, activity, staff

Support auditory information with pictures

Use a visual sequence strip to show each step

Whose turn is it sequence strip

Use visuals to teach group expectations

Peer Power


My take away from this:

There are many different strategies that will work for verbal and nonverbal students. I think many of these strategies can be used in a classroom to all students. I think the resource list was very useful for future reference.

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