Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stop Judging Others

In defense of phones . . . or at least in defense of not judging others from Roman Reboot, Melissa wrote a great post about judging other’s phone use and here was my response:

This was a great post!! I love technology and my phone and I’ve been criticized about both a lot by family and friends and even people who don’t know me. I was just on a cruise and paid for the internet ($99 unlimited for the week), which really make people’s eyes roll in the back of their head. What they don’t know is that I’m up around 4:30am and I play on the Internet while hubby sleeps and he is fine with that. I load photos, I write a blog, I email family and friends to see how they are doing and I read other blogs. There is nothing else to do and I can afford it so why not? Once hubby wakes up and we start the day, the computer goes in the closet until the next day. I use my phone as a camera too and share photos but that involves looking at it. Maybe the mom is taking photos and sending it to the dad so he can “share” in their fun day. All I know is that I have enough trouble keeping up with myself much less anyone else.

We don’t know about someone else’s life so how can we judge what is best for them? Until we walk in their shoes, we don’t know what their needs or expectations are. When a mom is on the playground with her kids and is on the phone, how do we know that she isn’t an important surgeon who took the day off to be with her kids? Maybe someone texted her an important question and rather than going back into work, she takes care of it on her phone. Maybe the woman is dealing with a friend who is depressed and the attention she is giving the person may keep them from committing suicide. We really don’t know what the circumstances are so without knowing all the information, how can we judge someone?

I’m so tired of people judging others when it really isn’t any of their business. I saw this a lot in the school system. Too many teachers were watching other teachers who left school early or arrived late. Some didn’t teach the same way as others. I never understood why it was any of their business. I spent my time making sure I did a good job and that I showed up when and where I was supposed to. I didn’t have time to watch anyone else! I was too busy teaching!

When I find myself judging others (let’s face it, we are all human and can’t help ourselves), I remind myself that I don’t know what the situation it. When someone is having a bad day and their customer service stinks, I remind myself that they might have a serious situation at home they are dealing with. I think about all the terrible things that might be going on in their lives and it puts my present situation in a different perspective. It helps me to deal with my own behavior since I can’t change their behavior.

Maybe if everyone minded their own business and worked on being better people, the world would be a better place! I don’t know but it makes sense to me. Maybe too much sense.

How do you stop yourself from judging others? Please share.

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Sylvia @ Miss PF said...

I agree. What people see is me leaving early, but they don't realize that I'm the first teacher at school every day!