Thursday, October 8, 2015

Problems From A Distance

In Life Lesson #3 From Camel’s Hump from Janet Given's Blog, Janet Givens shares,

“Seen in the distance, problems sometimes appear larger and more ominous. But as we move closer, the solution appears.”

Sometimes I have a bad habit of making problems seem worse than they are. I’m usually an optimist but sometimes I can be a pessimist if something is really important to me.

There are many times that I start worrying about “what if” way in advance and my husband has to remind me to be calm and wait until we get closer to the situation. I like to be prepared though for potential problems so I start planning for when things don’t work out. Unfortunately when I start doing this, I start making the problems bigger than they would actually be.

I can see my students doing the same thing. Many of them have faced failure so much in their young lives that many problems seem insurmountable. I need to find a way to give them support so that the obstacles they face aren’t bigger than they really are. By giving them support, they might be able to see that they can accomplish the tough things. I like to show them that sometimes we all look at problems with a magnifying glass but if we take away the magnifying glass, the object is really much smaller.

It might be a great activity to do with the class. I would have some very small objects and a magnifying glass for the students to use. Then I want them to think of some situations that this would apply to. Sharing some past experiences where things were blown out of proportion would help others see what can happen. Some of them might even share some personal times that by talking about them would help.

How would you help students see that not all problems are as big as they seem? Please share.

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