Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yes, You Do Matter!

TeachersMatterIn Teachers Matter from Angela Maiers, Speaker, Educator, Writer, Angela Maiers shares,

“After my presentation, a young man approached me and said, “This is my first year of teaching. I had pretty much made up my mind that this would be also be my last year of teaching. I now realize that teachers matter, and there is no way I’m giving up a job that matters.”

Teachers matter.”

Her post had me thinking about how much we don’t tell teachers that they matter enough. So, this is my way of sharing with all the teachers that read my blog - Yes, you do matter!

It seems like I tell my family how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

I tell my friends how glad I am to have their friendship.

I tell fellow church members how happy I am that we attend the same church.

I tell my neighbors how glad I am that we all live in the same community.

I tell my students how awesome it is to have the opportunity to teach them.

But I don’t tell teachers enough how much they matter. The media doesn’t share enough about how much teachers matter. They are quick to share info about the teachers who mess up, make mistakes, or commit crimes but there are more teachers who are making a positive difference out there than negative impacts.

I wonder if we start telling more teachers how much they matter that maybe they will stay in the profession longer. Maybe they won’t burn out so fast. Maybe they won’t be as frustrated. Maybe they won’t give up so easily. Maybe they will teach more effectively. Maybe they will enjoy their jobs more. Maybe they will make more positive changes in the teaching environment. Maybe they will impact other teachers so that they can be better at what they do.

So this is for all the teachers out there, the ones who read my blog, the ones who don’t, the ones that I teach, the ones who I’ve worked with, the ones who I come in contact with at meetings and conferences…

Teachers Matter!

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The Flying Teacher said...

Thank you! NEED this! :)

MiChi said...

Thanks for the post!

Sometimes I do feel tired, but the fire in me to teach can never put off...

Cheers to all teachers!