Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daily Challenge

I’m participating in another year of the Photo of the Day project. I post to 2 groups on Flickr and one of them is where we get a challenge every day. I like these challenges because they help me decide on what I will photograph that day. Sometimes I’m unable to do the challenge but most days I can complete it.

I think this would be a great thing to do in the classroom too. Maybe a daily challenge for the students would look like:

  • Use a specific vocabulary word three times today.
  • Say something positive to five people today.
  • Use math to solve a problem you have today.
  • Resolve a conflict peacefully today.
  • Help someone who is having difficulties today.
  • Pick up ten pieces of trash today and put it in the trash can.
I’m sure there are many more but I thought this would be a fun activity each day. Then have the students report about their accomplishment the next day. This would be done on the honor system but if they have to explain it, it might make them more accountable. You can make a game of it and give points for each. Maybe at the end of the week, there can be a cheap prize like a free pencil, pass to the library etc.

What other daily challenges can you think of? Please share.

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