Monday, April 1, 2013

Careers on Wheels Day

016The other day my husband and I drove the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) to an elementary school for their Careers on Wheels Day. There were 10 stations and we were one of them. Students came in groups to each station for 15 minutes and we talked to them about the Red Cross, our job, the training we had, and the pros and cons of the job. Unfortunately our weather took a turn for the cold (about 32F after being almost 80F a few weeks ago!) so it was pretty cold for the children. Even though they were cold, many of the children asked very good questions. They seemed to enjoy looking into the back of the ERV and asking what the different items were. I spent some time explaining to them how much reading, math, writing, and following directions were involved or we wouldn’t be able to help people. We talked about different disaster and things they should have with them in case of a disaster. The main point I made was that in case of a fire, their main goal was to get out of a burning building alive. They shouldn’t worry about taking anything with them! Many teacher appreciated that I was able to tie in classroom skills with what the Red Cross does. It was an enjoyable day and I think we gave children something to think about.

Does your school have a Career Day? Is so, how is it organized? Please share.

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