Monday, April 15, 2013

My Next Learning Adventure

adventureIn Prompt #2: The Writing on Learning Exchange: What I Want To Learn Now from Classroom as Microcosm, Siobhan Curious asks,

“This week’s prompt: What do you want to learn next?”

I have always loved learning! I think learning is so exciting and each year I try to learn something new. My friends and family tend to roll their eyes when they hear that I’m learning something new but well, that is just me. I have a driving need to learn. I probably won’t stop until I die.

So, what do I want to learn next? I want to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Well, actually relearn. I learned archery in high school and really enjoyed it. It was one of those few things that I could do well in gym class. As a nerd in high school (I still am in adulthood), I was not a desired player when it came to team sports and was usually the last one picked. In fact, I think teams argued over who would be “stuck” with me. So, when archery came along, it wasn’t a team sport and I just improved my score against myself.I haven’t touched a bow and arrow in almost 35 years.

We were in a sporting goods store one day and I saw the bows and arrows so I mentioned it to my hubby. He said he would be willing to give it a try. Then we were at a walmart when the sporting goods dept. clerk told us about an archery range very close to us. So, we headed there and found out that the owner gives lessons! We went home and talked about it but that was about it. Then one day, I saw an email advertising a groupon coupon for lessons at that archery range! It was meant to be! So I bought the coupons and now I just need to set up the lessons. I didn’t know that there were competitions all around the country that we could enter. This could be exciting!

Since the movies Hunger Games and Brave, I think archery is making a come back and I’m glad to see that. I’m also glad to see that this is not a “men’s only” sport.

I’ll keep you updated and let me know how my archery lesson goes!

What do you want to learn next? Please share.

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siobhan curious said...

I have always been fascinated by archery! I've never been tempted to try it, because I'm such a klutz I would be sure to hurt someone, perhaps myself. Good luck - I'm eager to know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

AH, archery. I remember being introduced to that activity in high school as well. Your love of learning and enthuiasm are contagious. And this new learning path seems destined for you, given all the ways the arrows kept targeting you to get you back to the sport. And thanks to Siobahn to giving the prompt. I will share my answer to her prompt soon. Keep learning!

hilary said...

it was meant to be! how fun! I do think The Hunger Games has made archery quite popular, I know of several high school and middle school teams, which I don't think there were when I was in school.