Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jealousy in the School

jealousy(Today’s post is for the letter J in the A-Z challenge.)
Jealousy is characterized as a green eyed monster. I have seen where jealousy can ruin the moral of a school but I’m not talking about the student’s behavior. Instead I’m referring to the teachers in the building. Too many people seem to be worried about what another teacher is doing or saying or getting.
Here are some jealous statements I’ve heard over the years and how I feel about them.
I do more work than that teacher! - I’m not sure that I can accurately judge how much work another person does. Plus I don’t know how much that teacher does outside of the school building on their own time. I need to worry about my own work and not others.
She never does her assigned duty but I always do mine! - This is something that the administration needs to deal with and not me. I need to focus on doing my job and not spend energy worrying about other people not doing their job. Now if their lack of responsibility affects my ability to do my job, I need to go to the administration and let them know this.
She leaves early or comes in late and nothing is ever done! - I don’t know what kind of agreements have been made with the administration. Again, this is none of my business and I need to focus on my own punctuality and not others.
No wonder her students like her! She lets them run wild! - As long as her students are not distracting mine, I will not worry about her classroom behavior. I don’t know if that is part of the assignment or if that is her teaching style. Obviously that is not mine and I can only control my own behavior and not hers.
She never has to turn in her paperwork in on time like I do. - This is another area for the administration to handle. I don’t know if this has or has not been addressed with her already and what the consequences may be. She might not be sharing the whole story with me. Again I need to focus on turning in my paperwork in a timely fashion so I can feel proud of the job that I am doing.
She always gets picked to be on committees but I don’t. - She might have more expertise than I do in certain areas. Or she request for placement on certain committees. If I want to be on a committee, I need to be proactive and talk with the administration about adding me to that committee. If I don’t share my interest, I can’t expect the administration to read my mind.
She is given permission to do activities that I am not allowed to do with my students! - I don’t know what rationale she has for doing these activities. If she has shown a learning value and the administration agrees, then that is between them and not me. Maybe I need to look at my own reasons for why I want to do the activity.
The administration is always spending money on her class but not mine! - This teacher may have gone to the administration before and asked for things that were promised when there was money for them. I don’t know what was agreed on between them but it is not my business. I need to address this to the administration if I have some things needed for the classroom. Certain money may be earmarked for certain things and not for what I’m requesting. The administration may find money in a different place for things that I need or at least know about my needs for future budget planning.
These are just some of the jealous statements that I’ve heard in the workplace. Addressing things like this in a general fashion with my students may help them be more successful in their own workplace.
What have you heard and how do you handle these things? Please share!
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