Monday, April 16, 2012

Happiness is…

happiness(Today’s post is for the letter H in the A-Z challenge.)

Happiness is:

1. Having a room full of smiling students.
2. Having a school where teachers are happy to be there.
3. Having a supportive administration.
4. Having colleagues who are willing to listen to me whine and still like me.
5. Having parents who back me up when needed.
6. Having a good laugh after hearing silly knock knock jokes from my students.
7. Having a good day when I can tell that my students have “gotten” the concept that I was teaching.
8. Having enough funding to be effective in my classroom.
9. Having enough energy to do all the things I want to do.
10. Having good health and not catching every little bug that students share so nicely.
11. Having parents and students appreciate my hard work.
12. Having things turn out just like I hoped.
13. Having all the right materials on hand to do something that I want to do.
14. Having my work done ahead of time instead of feeling I’m behind in my work.
15. Having people offer to help me without needing to be asked.
16. Having time off to re-energize.
17. Having a husband who is willing to go with me when I spend lots of time doing school stuff.
1.    18Having a hobby that helps relieve stress.
2.     19. Having people visit my blog, read it and even leave comments on them!
3.     20. Being featured on Teacher’s Resources Online! (Thank you to OnlineCollegesUSA!)

What makes you happy? Please share!

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A Hubbs Tale said...

Teaching makes me happy. I used to teach MS and I currently teach 6th grade. What makes my job enjoyable is being able to talk to my students and have"life-lessons" with my them. I love talking to them about high school, college, and possible career options. They gain so much from our conversations and they tell me that all the time.

~ Kristin H.

loonyhiker said...

@Kristin H Thanks so much for sharing what makes you happy!