Thursday, April 5, 2012

Courage and Collaboration

courage(Today’s post is for the letter C in the A-Z challenge.)

Teaching takes courage.

It takes courage to think that I know something that is worthy enough to share with others.

It takes courage to realize that I have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.

It takes courage to be willing to show others that I also make mistakes.

It takes courage to admit that I don’t know everything about anything.

It takes courage to show that I am still learning.

It takes courage to collaborate with others.

When I first became a teacher, I was terrified. I wanted to teach so badly but I was so scared. It takes time to build up confidence so I’m glad I gave myself time. I had to allow myself to make mistakes but also collect successes. I still get scared now but I know it is well worth the effort.

Collaborating involves relying on other people.

Collaborating involves making you vulnerable to others.

Collaborating involves giving up complete control over everything.

Collaborating involves using other people’s strengths.

Collaborating involves team building.

Collaborating involves brain storming.

Collaborating involves keeping an open mind and believing that anything is possible.

I always was a control freak. I like to be in charge of my classroom and what takes place. Collaborating with others involves giving up some of this control. Teamwork takes lots of give and take in order to be successful. When I began collaborating with others, I was surprised and thrilled in how it opened up the world to me. I was inspired and motivated by others. Suddenly, I realized that I was not all alone and I didn’t have to be all alone. I no longer felt isolated. My ideas blossomed into real projects. Students were more engaged and successful in my classroom.

Image: 'courage in persecution'


Anonymous said...

Collaboration is an area that I am in the process of building in my school. In a Master's course that I am currently taking, I am doing a class project on a need, problem or situation in my school. I believe that collaboration is a need, problem and a situation. I am currently preparing a power point presentation in which I will propse a solution. It will involve all stakeholders input. Collaboration is essential for bosting the effectiveness of the school and student achievement.

loonyhiker said...

@Anonymous I would love to see your PowerPoint presentation when you get it done. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you!