Tuesday, April 10, 2012


examples(Today’s post is for the letter E in the A-Z challenge.)

Using examples is an extremely effective strategy to use in any classroom.

When I am explaining a new skill or a new tool, students seem to retain the ideas better when I can show them real life examples of how it is used.

It doesn’t matter if the student is in public school or if the student is an adult; all seem to learn better when they are given examples.

Sometimes it is easier to visualize how something is done or how it is used when people can see an example of it. This helps a student who is a visual or auditory learner because they can see how it is done while the explanation is given.

Also repetitive examples reinforce the learning. Sometimes one example might not be clear to me but several examples help me clarify what is being taught.

There are many instances in the real world where examples are given. Look at the picture attached to this post. Even though they give written instructions for inserting a card into a card reader, they have included visual examples of how to do this. This is great for someone who does not comprehend the written instructions or doesn’t speak the language.

Writing in my blog is a great example of writing and reflection. I think it also is an example of clarifying my thoughts and philosophy as well as sharing with others.

Do you use examples? What skills do you teach and use examples with them? Please share.

Image: 'UI: How to handle reading credit cards…'

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