Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Ten of 2011

ListAs I look back on this year, I decided to name the top ten things in my life for this year. These are not in any order of importance but just in the order as they came to my mind. I see these top ten things as the many blessings that have occurred in my life this year.

1. Traveled out west for 62 days. Glad to be able to travel with my hubby to wonderful places.
2. Celebrated another birthday. I’m so glad to be alive!
3. Connected with new and old friends online and in person. It’s important to nurture new and old friendships.
4. Attended the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in Gatlinburg. I loved learning new things! Having a new set of binoculars that look close up really helps.
5. Bought a spinning wheel and became better at spinning my own yarn. I never would have thought that would be spinning on a spinning wheel.
6. Visited 20 national parks and monuments. I’m so glad I live in such a wonderful country!
7. Took over managing our rental properties. We sure are saving lots of money by handling this on our own.
8. Tried new recipes and improved my cooking skills. I’m learning that cooking can be fun.
9. Improved my knitting including 2 cardigans, mittens (cables on one and fair isle on the other.) I am trying to stretch my wings and learn new skills.
10. On my 4th year of writing this blog. I’m amazed to see that I continue to write and after four years I still have so much to say!

What top things have occurred in your life this year? Please share!

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