Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visit with @CogDog!

AlanPatYesterday my husband and I were able to meet Alan Levine (author of Cogdog’s Blog and @cogdog on Twitter) in person. It was so exciting to meet someone in person that I have seen and connected with online for a few years. I felt like a celebrity had come to town! We had a wonderful lunch at Coach House restaurant and then visited at my house. Then Alan shared his Storybox with us and we were able to share a story with him. It was exciting to see the Storybox in person because it is much smaller than I expected. 016

My husband always seems amazed when I want to meet online friends in real life. Of course he is pretty shy and tends to be more cautious than I am when meeting new people. I love to meet new friends and hear their story. My husband tends to think that I would talk to the walls if they would talk back to me. I have met a lot of friends in Kansas as we traveled through the state a couple of years ago and it was fascinating how we all connected. I also met digital scrapbooking friends in Puerto Rico (while we were on a cruise) and Oregon (when we drove through sightseeing).

I guess I want to meet people and find out what makes them unique. I want to know where they come from (other than just location) and what makes them tick. What makes them the person they are? What experiences have they had that makes them believe in what they are and what they do? What do they hope the future holds for them? I love hearing about their travels and just getting to know them. Someone’s personality goes a long way in telling me about that person. Maybe I’m just nosy but I find other people’s lives so fascinating!

It was fantastic talking with Alan! He is no longer a name and face on the internet but a real person. The best part is that my husband now will be able to know who I am talking about when I share Alan’s stories (which I have been doing for some time.) I know it was really hard for my husband to meet someone new. He is a basically quiet person to begin with and then due to his job, it is really hard for him to meet strangers. Luckily for me, he endures meeting my new friends and I’m so glad we were able to meet Alan. Afterwards, my husband even said how glad he was to meet Alan and that it was a great experience. This is high praise coming from my husband!

Thanks Alan for going out of your way to come visit us!! It was a special time for us!

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Anonymous said...

Pat--I've met a few of my blogging friends in person (alas, only the local ones so far) and it IS a marvelous experience.

(By the way, the photo of you on this post is fabulous. You are gorgeous in that picture!)

Sioux @ http://siouxspage.blogspot.com

Alan said...

I have to send a big thanks back to you and your husband for being willing to meet up with an internet "imaginary" friend. It was a wonderful lunch and conversation, travel tale swapping.

These opportunities have been the highlight of my trip, especially when I get a chance to visit people in their homes. You both have full and exciting lives and I think we may cross paths again out on the road.

I wonder if I can ever find a magnet that you lack ;-)

MaryAlexander said...
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Karen said...

I simply adore such initiatives. It's not only that we have fun online, but we share the joy in person too. Cool!