Sunday, May 26, 2024

Spartanburg Knitting Guild Meeting

Yesterday morning I went to my knitting guild meeting at the Inman Public Library. There were 18 of us and I had a great time. Barbara showed us a video on how to make the perfect buttonband and it was a great video.

I realized later that I already had that saved in my playlist.It made me want to knit more cardigans. So, when I picked up some charity yarn, I decided that I would make the Quick Knit Baby Shrug that was listed in our newsletter. That will be a great way to practice making the buttonband. All the people who made the anemone hat put them on and showed them off. They turned out cute when people had them on. Then others also made the Emotional Support Chicken and now I want to try to make one.  I also got to show off my Butterfly shawl and everyone seemed to like it. It is always a fun time when I go to these meetings!

Original Photos  by Pat Hensley

Friday, May 17, 2024

Thrive Upstate Spring Party

For more pictures, click here. 

Yesterday I volunteered at the Thrive Upstate Spring Party which was hosted by the Fountain Inn Parks and Recreation Department. I volunteered to set up and greet but it was so much fun that I stayed to help serve lunch. I was surprised to see one of my former students from 23 years ago. He is now 42 years old and he remembered me by name. I also saw another guy who eats at the same restaurant that we do. 

I enjoyed decorating the tables and gym. Sue bought cute fake ants and ladybugs for the tables. Helium balloons were used for the centerpieces. 

When they arrived, they sat at tables while Justin Kelly welcomed them. Then they were split into groups and sent to different stations where they played games. After everyone had been through all 8 stations, they returned to the gym. After the blessing, everyone was served a delicious lunch of pasta alfredo, green beans, apple sauce, and ice cream. 

After lunch, there was an awards ceremony where participants received medals. 

Then there was a dance and they loved that!

Friday, May 10, 2024

Butterfly Shawl

I finished my Butterfly shawl and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Even my hubby says it is the prettiest one that I’ve ever knit. 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens Trip

For more photos of our zoo trip, click here. 

On Thursday, we went to the
Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens with the 55+ Senior Adults group. This trip was sponsored by the City of Fountain Inn. Thank you to the City of Fountain Inn Council Members, Mayor McLeer, and Administrator Shawn Bell. They were extremely generous for paying for all of our t-shirts, transportation, zoo entrance, and meals. Wow! What a wonderful day everyone had!

54 of us got on a chartered bus at 8 am and left Fountain Inn around 8:30. Sue (Senior Adults Coordinator and Leader) and Heather (co-leader) were in charge and very organized. We all got a goody bag with snacks, water, a map, and an itinerary. I liked knowing what to expect and where we should meet which shows how well organized this trip was. On the way to the zoo, we played a trivia game. Heather asked the questions and Sue gave out prizes.


We got to the zoo and after entering, we all went our own way with instructions to meet at the bus by 1 pm. Don and I enjoyed walking around the zoo and seeing the animals. It was also fun to watch the excitement of the school children seeing the animals. I brought along Geoffrey the Giraffe that I knitted so I could take some photos of him at the zoo. After we finished the zoo, we walked across the bridge and took the tram to the gardens. There were so many beautiful flowers to see! We took the tram back to the bridge and walked to the zoo entrance to meet the rest of the group.


Everyone showed up on time to leave the zoo. The bus came to get us at the entrance which was nice because I think a lot of us were tired and hot. On the way out, the bus had a little difficulty making the sharp turn out of the parking lot. But after we all got off the bus, the driver was able to get back on track and we were on our way.


Our next stop was the Blue Ocean Restaurant in Clinton. They had a private room for all of us to eat and we had a delicious meal.


We got back to the senior center around 4:30 safe and sound.


We are so lucky to have such a wonderful senior activity program. Don and I take part in the exercise program regularly, and we use the gym to walk laps each day. Last month we took part of the Scavenger Hunt and this month we have signed up for other activities such as the Nutrition Class, helping with the Thrive Upstate Spring Fling, and the Diabetes Support Group. When we talk to people who live in other places, they don’t have a program like this which makes us feel even more thankful that we live in Fountain Inn and have access to these things.


Fountain Inn 55+ Senior Adults Program


Check out the Senior Calendar for May.

Original Photos by Pat Hensley




Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Summer Learning Place 2024


·  A four-week comprehensive, online instructional program for children/youth ages 6-14 with learning difficulties.

·  Curriculum includes academics, social skills, and physical activities.

·  Taught by graduate level teachers certifying in special education.

·  Note: Enrollment is limited to a 5-to-1 student-teacher ratio.




·  Tuesday, July 2 through Thursday, July 26, 2024
(Sessions will be held for four weeks, from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Mondays - Thursdays. Note: The first week will be Tuesday and Wednesday only; Weeks 2 through 4 are Monday through Thursday).



·  Location:  ONLINE
Access to the Internet, headphones, webcam, microphone, and printer is required.  A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone may be used to access the sessions. Please note: Parents will need to check their email before each session begins and print out necessary materials if needed.  The teacher will send a meeting link to parents before each session.



·  The charge to each student who attends is $100 for the four-week program. Some partial scholarships are available.

·  No deposit is required until after a child is accepted into the program.



·  Evaluation of your child's specific learning abilities in academics, learning styles, and personal/social behaviors at the beginning of the program.

·  Assessment of progress made during the program and a final report which may be shared with your child's school.

·  Ongoing communication with your child's Summer Learning Place teacher.

·  Creative teaching and learning opportunities for your child.


    Contact Beth Garrett at  You may also leave a message at (864) 294-3083 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


     Spaces are limited and fill quickly! We encourage you to apply as soon as

     possible. To receive an application, please contact