Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frustrations of a Leader

shipI think making these connections in real life are as important as online connections. I just wish I could get local colleagues to connect with each other more. I am President of Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 877 and we have a bunch of members. Yet, I find it almost impossible to get people to come to our meetings. We used to meet 4 times a year in person but after having speakers attend with no participants coming, we stopped meeting in person. We started having online meetings so people wouldn’t have to drive and could just attend from home. Again we have no attendees. The good part is that the online meeting is recorded so I’m able to share information and announcements so that others can view the meeting to get this. When reviewing the recording, I am able to see that people are viewing it at their leisure and I’m glad that they have that opportunity. But I feel that they are missing out on so much more. By connecting in real time, sometimes are interactions can be so much more meaningful.

I have tried to change the days and times of our meetings but it didn’t have any effect. I have asked for suggestions of topics so we can make the meetings more relevant to the needs of our members but have not gotten any input. I don’t want our local chapter to fold so I keep plugging along. I think this organization is important and has great information for teachers. But like any organization, it needs the members to make it this way.

It is really hard in a leadership position to increase and maintain membership when I am not getting any input. I feel like I am the captain of a ship and all the passengers have jumped overboard but I’m still supposed to go on the cruise and provide entertainment as if I have a ship full of people.

So, readers, do you have any suggestions or advice? I want to be a good leader and will continue on this ship but I sure could use some passengers to make it worthwhile for all.

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A. Tan Gledmess said...

the 'cat' in me wants to say, provide food.. seems to be a lure for others in my area, but the reality is that I feel your pain. People's lives seem so busy these days that no one wants to put in the extra effort. Have you tried a change in the time or place?

loonyhiker said...

Yes, we have tried restaurants (sit down and then buffet ones), at different schools and served refreshments, and also public libraries. It was embarrassing to have a speaker and no turn out.