Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Reasons for Writing

writingIn Why I Write from Creating a Path for Learning in the 21st Century, bgaskins states,
“I sent out a tweet this morning to #whyiwrite stating “I write to learn.”  But why I write is so much more than those words in a digital space.”
This was such a great post because it made me think about my reason for writing. I think I more than one reason for writing but the reasons may change depending on where I am at that point in my life. I have been writing in this blog for four years now and have rarely missed a day which has resulted in 1160 posts. Obviously I have a reason or reasons or there is no way that I could have continued to write that many posts. Of course, my husband says I have an opinion about everything and will talk to the wall if it would listen.
So, here are my reasons for writing.
I write:
1. To learn.
2. To connect with others.
3. To share my knowledge.
4. To clarify my thoughts.
5. To understand my own thoughts.
6. To share my beliefs and philosophy of learning and life.
7. To help other educators and parents.
8. To share good and bad experiences in my career of teaching.
9. To share helpful tips and resources that others might find useful.
10. To start meaningful conversations that inspire others.
Why do you write? Please share.
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Bill Gaskins said...

Wow! I write; therefore, I am. I love your list. I hope you are well....