Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving My Best

MyBestThe other day I made hard boiled eggs for breakfast. While peeling the shell off, I sometimes get part of the egg white or the egg white gets torn so I put this egg on my plate instead of my husband’s plate. I want him to have the best pieces if at all possible. I know as a parent, I wanted my children to have the best in life and I know my parents felt the same way.

Then I began thinking about my students. Do I do the same things for my students? Do I make sure I plan effective and meaningful lessons? I hope that I look at what I am teaching and can see how they relate directly to their lives. By learning the skills I am teaching them, I hope that they can use these in other situations in ways that will help them be successful. I hope that not only do I teach meaningful lessons but that I can show my students why they are meaningful.

Do I look closely at the needs of my students and give them what they need instead of what I want? Sometimes I may feel tempted to go the easy route. I may be worn out or frustrated by particular students and their behavior but I can’t give up. I need to look deeper into why these students are creating obstacles and see what is needed to overcome these obstacles. I need to look at difficult situations and see them as challenges that I can face and win.

I hope when my students look back at their time with me, they can appreciate what I’ve done and know that I tried to give them best. By giving them my best, I have set an example for them to follow in the choices that they make in their lives. I hope that I have given them reasons to also give their best no matter what they do. I believe if my students do this, they will find success in their endeavors.

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