Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teaching in Lima, Peru

I have a young friend who is a teacher in Lima, Peru. I feel so thrilled when I read her letters and her blog. You see, I’ve seen her grow up over the years from a youngster into this amazing young woman because her aunt is my next door neighbor. I was also thrilled to see her become a teacher and watch at all the wonderful things she has experienced in her teaching. They are building a new school because enrollment is growing (isn’t that a wonderful thing!) but it is slow and frustrating. Here is a link to the Carlton’s blog showing some of their church’s construction. It gives you an idea of what the area looks like. EmilysClass

Through her teaching, she is able to help others become successful in their lives and I want to support her efforts. When she sent this letter asking for help getting supplies, I felt that I would ask my friends to also help support her efforts if they could. So here is the information that she sent me and if you are looking for someone to support, I’d appreciate if you could help her.

“I am sending you a list of things that I will need for the classroom. If the Lord lays it on your heart to help with any of these things, please send the amount indicated marked with "Emily Snodgrass" to Colonial Hills Baptist Church, 525 Taylors Road, Taylors, SC 29687 *AND send me an e-mail letting me know how you will be helping.”

Emily Snodgrass

La Molina Christian Schools

Lima, Peru
emsnod83 (at) hotmail (dot)com

List of supplies needed:
List of supplies needed:
3 boxes of Zip-lock bags : $4 each
4 large plastic containers with lids : $15 each
2 large cushions for the reading corner : $20 each
Different prizes for achievement: about $40
Transformer for electric pencil sharpener (that was given to me by the school!): $20
2 rolls of contact paper to cover books: $5 each
Miscellaneous other supplies that I’m sure I’m forgetting! :) $ ?

Thanks for any help you can give this young teacher!

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Original Image: Students by Emily Snodgrass

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Liliana said...

Wonderful commitment to education. I wished for all kids regardless of religion or ethnicity to have the opportunity to go to school and get an education.