Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Night for Salamanders – A Book Review

(Disclaimer: I am reviewing this book for The Picnic Basket and I am not being paid for this review. Here is the review that I posted on The Picnic Basket.)

BigNight I just read Big Night for Salamanders by Sarah Marwil Lamstein • illustrated by Carol Benioff 

On a scale of 1 to 5, I definitely give this book a 5.

This story is about a family who looks forward to the Big Night when the spotted salamanders begin their annual migration from the forest to vernal pools. It tells how the family tries to help the salamanders travel safely to their destination. It brings awareness to this event that I never thought about.

It is a great picture book for elementary school students and the illustrations are awesome. They are bright and colorful which would appeal to all students. The story is heartwarming also. I felt this book gave great information about salamanders because it included the “Life Cycle of the Spotted Salamander” at the end of the story as well as information about the Big Night and Vernal Pools. There was a great glossary at the end also which would be good to use to improve vocabulary. This book would be great to use in a science lesson as well as a reading lesson. I could easily see this being used in special education classrooms as well as general education classes.

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