Monday, March 15, 2010

School Lunch Memories

school lunch In 3/15 Fun Monday Signup -- School Lunch Memories from Summit Musings by Faye, she challenges,

“So your assignment for March 15 is to share your memories of school lunches. What kind of school did you attend--public, private, parochial? Did you bring lunch from home or buy in the school cafeteria? What did your lunch look like? Who prepared it? Who did you have lunch with? Was this a happy part of the school day? What did you do during lunch time other than eat your PB & J sandwich?”

Check out her post to see who else took this challenge.

I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every day of my twelve years in public school. I really disliked school food and standing in lines which was perfect because I loved PB & J sandwiches. As soon as I was old enough, I made my own sandwiches and my parents would just shake their heads at me. Of course, now that I look back, I think I was encouraged to bring my own lunch because we really couldn’t afford the school lunches. Of course when I got into high school, I would buy chips in the cafeteria to eat with my sandwiches but that was about it. I really think my PB & J sandwiches are what kept me so healthy and helped me have perfect attendance.

During my senior year of high school, we were allowed to leave campus during the hour lunch period as long as we had our lunch permit (which meant they had our parent’s permission on file in the office for us to leave campus) and we returned in time for our next class. Of course, as overprotected as I was, was never allowed by my parents to leave campus but that didn’t stop me from leaving with my best friend, Bunny. She had a purple VW bug and we would go to her house near the school to eat our lunch or go to the park and sit around the lake. The only problem we had was the one day it snowed while we were in her house eating lunch. When it was time to return to school, her car was snowed in and we had to dig it out and push it on the road to get it going. That definitely got my adrenaline going at the time, especially since I had never cut a class before and I hoped this was not going to be my first time! Those were wonderful lunches.

What school lunch memories do you have?

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Original image: '11:12 AM-Lunchroom Cook and Server' by: Judy Baxter


Celeste said...

You may be correct: I had primarily PB in my brown bag and had near perfect attendance (except for that nasty flu that knocked me out for 10 days in 4th grade). I was a PB and honey fan, though.

Swampy said...

A purple VW bug ! Did it look like a grape ?
Love. Love. Love. PBJ's.
Excuse me while I go make one right now. Yum.

Faye said...

Welcome to Fun Monday loonyhiker. Come back and play with us next week--notice that Sayre is the host. She'll have the post topic up on Wednesday on her blog. We never know what the topic will be--that's why this is such a fun meme--the challenge of working the stories you want to tell around the assigned topic.

You were allowed to leave campus at lunch? I guess my school allowed that as well although none of my friends had cars. Thank goodness for PB & jelly sandwiches--great equalizers!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Your lunchtimes sound such fun, especially when you were older and allowed to leave in your friend's car.

Sayre said...

We were allowed to leave campus for lunch in high school. Across the street from the school was a truck with sandwiches and stuff that I went to fairly regularly. Freak Hill was just past that in the trees and every now and then I'd go up there to eat. On the opposite corner was a gas station with vending machines (the lunch of choice) and a little up the street was a Chinese place with a takeout window. When I went there, I got two eggrolls and a coke for lunch. By that time, I'd left my PB&J days far behind - though I'm rediscovering them now. Some days, PB&J is just the thing.

joanygee said...

Thanks for joining in with Fun Monday, Pat.
Hope you enjoy taking part and reading everyone's contributions as I do.

Janis said...

Seems PBnJ was just about everyones favorite to take to school. It still is with my grans. Welcome to FM...hope you come back next week.

Jill said...

How fun! Please feel free to come and visit, I just got my post up, as I hadn't found out until late who was hosting!

Pamela said...

those little VW bugs got around in the snow about as good as anything I ever drove.

I still love pb & antying (jelly, raisins,brown sugar, )