Monday, March 22, 2010

The Owl Watch

MollyI recently found out about a live cam on an owl box belonging to Molly and McGee. Molly laid 6 eggs and everyone was watching for the eggs to hatch. I didn’t think I would be this into watching it but once I got started, I can’t stop because of the anticipation. McGee brings Molly food and bonds with her each day as we watch. If you get a chance, check it out! There is an infrared camera set up so we can see them when it is dark out so basically it is a 24 hour reality show.

The interesting thing was the other day when Carlos was interviewed by a local TV station and I heard his story. He is retired and does not do this professionally. In fact, it was his grandson who helped him research this and helped him set it up. Since he only did it for himself and close friends and family to see, he was quite surprised when this thing went viral. I think there are almost 1 million viewers who have seen Molly and McGee now. Carlos and his wife Donna have the owl box in their yard and are learning right along with us. I think Carlos said he spent about $5000 for this whole set up and now there is someone who is even selling t-shirts and coffee mugs.

The other day while I was watching, Carlos had a 4th grade class skyped in and they were asking Carlos all kinds of questions about Molly and McGee. These were great questions and even I learned so much just by watching. While we were all watching during the question and answer session, Molly decided to eat a rabbit which was fascinating/disgusting but I’m sure the kids loved it. What a great real life experience for them. I have noticed that there is a schedule now where other classes are scheduled to Skype in also.

I have embedded the live show below but if you go to the Ustream page, you will also have the chat there. Links have been disabled to keep it safe for children who are there and there are also moderators who are great about kicking out people who try to say inappropriate things. I believe Carlos set this up so parents and teachers can feel their children will be safe if they watch this show. I highly recommend this and hope you have a chance to see it too.

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